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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My proudest DIY

I have never been too crafty, but I have always had high aspirations.  I am lucky to have been surrounded by creative people for a while;  my grandmother was a master seemstress: my mom knows how to sew up many different curtains and baby clothes, write caligraphy, ice a 3D easter bunny cake, and was a pretty good photographer using 35mm: Chris(sy) can whip up a smokin hot outfit from a rummage in the thrift store: my hott husband is musical: my dad made me and Aaron cool pegboards and any thing else we wanted made out of wood, metal or plastic:  Aaron designed amazing forts and continues to build spectacular lego cars, planes, and spaceships: Cat puts together the prettiest house: and my aunt Alice quits and crochets.

All this time I have been soaking up these creative talents (with out my sources ever knowing, bwahahaha!) and I started trying things out for our wedding.  I was pretty happy with some of the things I did, but getting ready for my Mary to arrive really kicked me into high gear.  I did something totally original (if you have seen this elsewhere, please don't tell me).

You know you always get a bunch of lovely cards for special occasions, and they are wonderful sentiments, but after you read it, then what?  I feel so guilty thowing them away, and as a result, I have about 500 cards from different days in my life in 3 shoe boxes in my parents' house.  So for my baby shower /new baby cards I made them into a cute decoration for Mary's nursery.

Step 1- pick a shape and make a outline stencil.

Step 2- Trace the stencil on a cute part of the outside of the card and cut it out

Step 3- Write who the card is from on the back side of the cut out.

Repeat 2 and 3 until you have all the pieces you want.

Step 4- evenly space the pieces out on matboard in a grid, I did 5X3

Step 5- place in a frame and hang it up!

Here is my finished product:

I chose to do a tree because we did sort of a bird theme and didn't want to over do the bird thing, and bird live in trees.

I just really, really love this, and it actually turned out well.  I will difinetly be doing this for futute ( :)  ) baby(ies).

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn.

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  1. Great job! Looks great and provides a use for those cards...well done. I would pin it but haven't spent too much time on pintrest:)